Jan Jozef Oksiuta
Brisbane QG62lk
Australian Amateur Radio Station

DC to light, homebrewing, minimalist antennas and projects, QRSS, QRPp and less
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Hi there, welcome to my Realm of Electronics; a place of whimsy and wonder, where soldering irons are benevolent caretakers of the three great cities of Current, Resistance and Voltage. A word of caution however: those who come to wreak havoc in the Realm shall face dire consequences. Let the Crimping of 1924 be a warning to you all.

This site is an ever-changing collection of various radio and electronics topics presented in no particular order, simply documenting my past and present interests, activities, projects and experiments. From the mundane to esoteric, practical to utterly useless - I am hoping you will find something that catches your interest. Feedback welcome,and if you can challenge or correct any of my wild guesses, hypotheses or assertions then please drop me a line.
73, de Jan VK4EBP

(Added two more entries in the Projects section today 2014-08-25.  Other material will hopefully appear in due course. Please be patient.)

ELF-ULF update in progress, visit now

Light beam communications
coming soon

High voltage coming later

coming later

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