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DC to light, homebrewing, minimalist antennas and projects, QRSS, QRPp and less
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Here you will find a collection of useful radio links - amateur radio organisations, reference sites, sources of components, calculators and lots more. Updated often.

Local and international organisations and societies

wia.org.au - Wireless Institute of Australia - representing Australian radio amateurs since 1910
www.iaru.org - International Amateur Radio Union
www.fists.org - International Morse Preservation Society

VLF and below

www.vlf.it - great resource site for the low frequency signals - sub -1 Hz to VLF
elfradgroup.com - site dedicated to researching the potential of low-frequency currents as earthquake precursors
joataman.net/earth_mode/default.html - telluric currents, earth antennas
caves.org/section/commelect/drupal/speleonics - some interesting insights in underground communications
sites.google.com/site/sub9khz/home - The Dreamer's Band: 9kHz

The other end - infrared and visible light communications

modulatedlight.org - everything about communicating over a beam of light


www.allaboutcircuits.com/ - a great place  to start with electronics, or brush  up on the basics
www.tubebooks.org/technical_books_online.htm - lots of vaccuum tube data and other books
www.introni.it/manuali_elettronica e radiotecnica.html - another repository of ancient wisdom


leleivre.com/index.html - collection of useful online calculators for RF design

Kits and hard-to-get components

www.hanssummers.com - for excellent QRSS transmitter kits
http://kitsandparts.com/ - Amidon cores and lots of hard-to-get parts

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